5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Limousine Driver

Hiring a limousine can be a rare treat for many people and when that special day comes, we would love for you to get the most out of it. Read our top 5 tips to get the most out of your limousine or wedding car driver.

1. Know What You Need, Ask For Commonly Forgotten Things

Some companies offer a stretch limousine quote for a minimum one hour hire period. Sometimes they will offer a quote for direct transfers which will take less than one hour and adjust the hire rate to suit the less time required. Once the agreed pick up time is arranged, the guests are expected to be ready to go at that time and travel directly to the drop off point – no stopovers/no detours – that is the agreement. Occasionally the guests forget the arranged direct transfer deal and take forever to get ready and into the limo AND even suggest that the limo take in an extra pick up address or detour via the bottle shop or ATM. When we have other bookings to get to and have been paid for the direct transfer only, there is a limit to the driver’s ability to cater for such changes without prior notice and cost adjustments. Be mindful of what you want out of your evening, what you require for your journey and plan accordingly. We don’t want to annoy you by having to decline one of your requests.

2. We Care For Your Children’s Safety

Children’s birthday cruises are popular and quite often involve children (with a supervising adult in the front with the driver). However, when the12-year-olds play the game where you have a half-full bottle of water and throw it around inside the limo to see if it lands correct side up, the driver may become upset with the bottle landing in the glass rack and breaking a glass or two or landing on the window ledge and scratching window tinting etc. Also, with the driver responsible for children wearing seatbelts (and can be fined if they are not – as well as the safety aspect of course) it is difficult to have correctly adjusted seat belts and be able to move around to reach the bottle etc. While snacks are usually allowed (confirm with your particular limo company first) popcorn throwing “fights” are a no-no and sometimes trying to get the responsible adult to understand that we want our guests to have fun but be respectful is a bit awkward.

3. Reduce Unexpected Costs

Weddings are a very important day and while the limo plays a small (but important) part in proceedings, the drivers take pride in keeping the vehicle immaculate through the day. This includes a shiny exterior so you look spectacular arriving and leaving your venues. We often find that kids are the most excited with our luxury vehicles, and we love for them to have a look, but if we are overwhelmed with a group of kids wanting to get in all at once, we are often having to spend extra time cleaning and wiping down the wedding car or limousine. We really don’t want to have to surprise you with unexpected costs.

4. Tell Us About The Pickup Venue

Stretch limousine have limited ground clearance and the longer they are, the less clearance they have when they try to negotiate (for instance) a driveway which drops down below street level. Most residential addresses are not far from the house’s front door, so parking out on the street is fine if they can’t access the driveway “hump”. However, some larger properties have the driveway “hump” problem and the house is some distance from the road. The company will normally ask the “hump” question, if in doubt, at booking but you know your property best. If you think there could be a sizeable verge or driveway to get up onto, please let us know.  Your limousine driver will get as close as they can but it can be a shame to have a bride need to traipse some distance to the limo.

5. Be Timely with Your Limousine

School balls are great fun. However, from time to time one of the couples arrives late at the limo starting address, which means that the agreed limo time is being used up as the driver waits. This can be awkward because it cuts down time at the photo stop location  – and in some cases virtually cuts out the photo stop altogether. Not the selfie stop! Your driver might often have another booking so they will often be unable to simply extend your time. The same goes for the photo stop at, say, Kings Park, where the guests are made aware that they have ten or fifteen minutes and then disappear out of site and return late. If you are timely you will have a much better time with your limousine!

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