Our Association

The Wedding Car and Limousine Association (WCLA) was formed over 30 years ago as a non profit member based organization for operators in the industry work together for the benefit of owners and customers alike.

The association provides a forum for all members for the collection and exchange of information pertaining to regulatory and legislative activities and issues that impact its member companies and to advance the interest of the WCLA and its members before Local, State, and government regulatory authorities.

The association provides a means and encourages its member companies to exchange ideas and expertise in customer service, industry trends, vehicle maintenance, regulatory requirements, and other industry related matters. The association meets regularly and gives members have the opportunity to discuss issues within the industry and network with other operators.

The association provides the opportunity for members to combine resources and provide luxury transport for large groups using several vehicles as required to the benefit of our clients.

Our charter is to assist you to make the best educated choices and set the highest standards to achieve the best limousine hire experience available.

Wedding Car and Limousine Association W.A.

Code Of Ethics

The Wedding Car and Limousine Association Code of Ethics is the standards under which the Association requires its members to conduct their businesses.

This Code of Ethics is a set of values, principles and practices; each member agrees to abide at all times.

Core Principles

  1. Maintain a high standard of business principals and not knowingly engage in conduct which would bring disrepute upon the member, this association or any other members of this association.
  2. Not engage in any practices or actions which mislead customers, the general public or other members.
  3. Clearly explain to any customer the service to be provided, the terms and conditions and the rates to be charged.
  4. Not discriminate on basis of race, gender or nationality in the selection of either customers or employees.
  5. Ensure all applicable licenses and insurances are current at all times.
  6. Comply with all state government rules, regulations and bylaws.
  7. All vehicles are to be maintained and presented to the highest of standards at all times.
  8. Abide by this association’s Code of Ethics, and such rules and policies as may be adopted by the association from time to time.