Book your wedding car – just a few things to consider

Here are a few things to consider when you set out and book your wedding car. It may help in choosing your wedding car transport which will ensure your day runs more smoothly.

Style or theme!

Many brides dream about arriving at the wedding ceremony in a vintage Rolls Royce or Jaguar or even a horse and carriage. However some vintage cars or horse & carriage may not be practical over long distances.

Even more so, they would possible not be able to keep up with modern day traffic on our road systems & many are not air conditioned. The ride from the yester year cars is less than comfortable compared to modern day cars.

Talk to your supplier about their vintage cars as some have converted their vintage cars with modern engines and installed air conditioning especially for this reason. The last thing you want is to arrive at your wedding ceremony hot and bothered.

But if you are biased towards your creature comforts then modern is the way to go. The trade-off though is the ….. Wow those vintage cars look a million dollars in the photos.


Size of the dress!  And of course the wedding car. If you are planning on having a big dress with many layers/hoops and long train or if one of you is particularly tall, it’s a must you inspect your special car before booking. Not unless you are completely familiar with the style of vehicle and are confident of its size and practicality on the day. Practice getting in and out, Sometimes there is no elegant way of getting in and out of older cars. But the owner of the car would have seen it a 100 times and will normally advise the best way even if not the most elegant way.

Consideration of how many will be the using the car. Usually the bridal car is used exclusively for the bride and father of the bride.  Then bride and groom.

But if you’re planning on your mum and bridesmaids, flowers girls and Aunty Betty from next door all travelling with you, then may be a stretch limousine would be in order. Perth has plenty of vintage stretch limousines all with mod cons therefor you’d get the best of both worlds – vintage styling with modern comforts.

Is the car legal?

Boring legal stuff, but all wedding cars and limousines in WA which hire for reward are required by law to be licensed. In the past you could almost instantly recognize a licensed charter vehicle by their green and white license plate which began with SCV (small charter vehicle). But now charter vehicles can have either black and white CVL plates or standard blue and white state plates which makes it’s difficult to recognize licensed operators.

Choosing your wedding transport – Book your wedding car from the WCLA means the vehicle you hire has undergone an annual safety inspection. It also means that the operator has undergone stringent checks and is required to follow a strict code of ethics to become a member. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, an unlicensed car will not be properly insured. If you have any doubt, stay well away.

Supplier Reputation!

Personal recommendations are always worth considering. Failing that, check the supplier you are considering has a good reputation. There are many resources to research this, website, social media and testimonials other wedding suppliers.

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