How To Be A Licensed Limousine Chauffeur

As a limousine chauffeur we occasionally get asked by clients and even random people out on the street about what license is needed to driver a Stretch Limousine in Perth. So we’ve made it simple for you. In principle:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Have held a driver’s license for a period of four years and not be on probation.
  3. Hold the class of license for the vehicle that will be driven for hire and reward purposes car or MR

We operate our limousine services in Perth so what is needed to drive a limousine here may vary from state to state. If you`re looking to potentially get a job as a chauffeur, an F class endorsement on your normal driver’s license is all that`s required.

All cost correct at June 2018.

  1. Download an application form

  1. Application for Police Record check. (Cost is $49.50)

Download the form here: National-Police-Certificates or from your local post office.

The purpose of this check is to weed out those with criminal records so that only those of good character & background are eligible for such a license. This same Police check is the same one needed in other industries such as child care & security just to name 2. The check you need is the “Name Check’ only NOT the fingerprint check. This usually takes around 10 days.

  1. Application for traffic infringement record (Cost $25.60)

Download the form here:

  1. Character references

You will need to supply names and telephones of two contactable referees who are not family members that may be asked to give a character reference on you.

Once above has been gathered you will need attend a licensing centre. There you will be required to carry out an eye test and pay an application fee of $103.30. This will get the ball rolling to the next stage, and I must mention that even though all above monies have been paid there is no guarantee that the F endorsement will be issued.

So within anything up to 6 weeks of submitting your application you will receive a letter from licensing inviting you to attending a medical assessment. This can be carried out by your own GP. The form must be fully completed and stamped by the GP, then sent by to licensing.

More waiting and finally you will receive your letter confirming your acceptance.

Again you must attend, for the last time, a licensing centre with your letter and have your license changed or you may opt to wait until your current license expires and have it added on renewal. But the final pain comes when they relieve you of another $26.10 to have it added to your license.

The F endorsement last 3 years. Not all the hoops are required as above for renewal, but you will require a medical assessment and you will have to pay for the renewal.

Once approved, the license costs only $26.10 and lasts 3 years.

Limousine Chauffeur

So if you’re looking for a second income or need to work to fill in some gaps or just something different, give us a quick call as we often look for good drivers.

We’ll even help you with your application.

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