Wedding Cars For Same Sex Wedding

Here at the Wedding Car and Limousine Association, we believe love is love.

And with the recent plebiscite voting overwhelming in favour of same sex marriage and the required legislation approved we can all move forward and plan the weddings some have previously only been able to dream of.

The wedding day planning can become somewhat overwhelming during the organising stages. Our members are professionals who have a great deal of experience as far as the transport arrangements go and we are happy to assist with any queries you may have – no matter how trivial they may seem. We are here to help.

Planning Your Transport Requirements

Our members are here to help assist organising our part of the plan for one of the most important days in a relationship, and although transport on the day may seem a minor technicality, it is also a very important part of proceedings – if one of the couple fail to arrive at the ceremony it can be most awkward!!

We have a large range of vehicles of all shapes, sizes, colours and passenger capacity. But choosing the one for you takes a little time and thought.

While most couples arrive individually, we have some who choose to travel together to the ceremony – of course it comes down to personal choice – it’s YOUR day and you do it YOUR way.

Options include having the bridal pair ravel to the ceremony venue in two different vehicles, or using the same vehicle to transport one partner to the venue and then travel to pick up the other partner and return. This means that if the “second” partner is preparing, say, fifteen minutes from the venue the “first” partner is waiting around 30 minutes for the vehicle to return. This is sometimes very handy – it gives time for nerve settling and so on!

If the ceremony and reception are all at the same venue the vehicle/s are usually no longer required. However, it is quite common to have them remain until the ceremony is completed and take in some photo time which includes the wedding limousine.

After your Ceremony

After the ceremony, there are, naturally, twice as many passengers with both partners’ entourages (so to speak), so it’s a case of having one big limousine or two smaller ones to cater for all. If the reception is at a different location it is usual to cruise to one or more locations for those most memorable wedding pictures. The wedding car drivers liaise with the photographer to ensure there is no pressure on the newlyweds and everyone is “on the same page”. With everyone relaxing and enjoying the situation after the “pressure” of the formalities and possibly quenching their thirsts etc, this is a fun time for all and the photographer is in a great position to catch some awesome casual images (as well as the formal snaps) for the album which create those life long memories. The limousine/s are there with the drivers handing out refreshments and to be of any assistance as required.

And then it’s off to the reception!

After the Reception

Quite often the newlyweds have the wedding car return at the conclusion of the reception for the transfer to the overnight accommodation location. Sometimes this includes the newlyweds entourage so the passenger capacity of the vehicle needs to be planned at the transport booking point in time. This way the wedding party can enjoy the evening with a few drinks and so on and not be concerned about relying on family or friends for their end of evening transport requirements.

Limousines Unlimited caters for weddings, winery tours, school balls, social outings, airport and cruise transfers and all events – divorces and funerals included. We have extensive experience in the industry and our well groomed , safe and caring chauffeurs strive to please all guests at all times.

We aim to please!

We are proud members of the Wedding Car and Limousine Association WA, Perth’s official guide to Wedding Car and Limousine Hire.